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Steep Street House Blend


Tasting Notes

Smooth and creamy chocolate with delicate notes of orange and citrus.



Roast Level



This blend is celebrated for its fruity acidity and chocolatey richness. It is a great all day drink that works very well in lattes, flat whites and americanos.

We use pure Arabica beans, grown at high altitude, expertly roasted in small batches and skilfully blended to create a coffee of distinction.



House Blend Fact Sheet

Origin Location Climate and Humidity Soil Elevation Characteristics Notes
Kenya East Africa Temperate. Warm all year round with a temperature range of not more than 19C Rainfall is well distributed throughout the year where coffee is grown. Deep well-drained red loam soils. The red volcanic soil is of great depth and fertility on the slopes ensuring good drainage. High- 5,000 -7,000 feet allowing fruity, floral and winey flavours to develop Fragrant, sharp, fruity and full Two harvests per year. Grown by small farmers who deliver fresh cherries to 1ocal cooperative washing stations and then hulling unions
Tanzania East Africa Tropical, warm and humid. Mixed. Some volcanic. High Altitude

3,280 – 8,200 meters above sea level

Full, soft with less acidity than Kenyan; lovely completeness and very fulfilling


90% produced by smallholder  families

Harvest July-Nov

Guatemala Central America One of the most climatically diverse regions in the world.  The soil, rainfall, humidity, altitude, and temperature are varied enough to produce seven distinct types of Guatemala Arabica coffee. Rich volcanic soils High – over 4000 feet Full, Attractive, spicy, Complete, Balanced.
Nicaragua Central Amercia Shade grown. Favourable weather conditions are a great advantage: hot and humid equatorial climate, dense forest cover and fertile soils. Cultivation is carried out on highly permeable, fertile, rich in minerals volcanic soils. Medium to High Mild, Fruity Brightness, citrus and floral 95% of coffee farmers in Nicaragua are micro- and small-scale producers.



This coffee is made up of coffees that have been processed with the following method:


This process results in a coffee that is cleaner, brighter, and fruitier. During the wet method of coffee processing, the fruit covering the seeds/beans is removed before they are dried. This method will have helped to preserve the delicate citrus and orange flavours within the bean.



The House blend is roasted medium-dark. This has developed sweetness and chocolate flavours, medium body, a rich aroma and medium acidity. Moderate varietal elements have been preserved including:

  • Sharpness, fruitiness and citrus notes in the Kenyan and Nicarauan beans,
  • The rounded, full flavour of the Guatemalan beans which develops into chocolate and nuttiness with the roast.


Tasting notes

Smooth and creamy chocolate with delicate notes of orange and citrus

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