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Finding The Magic Beans

Finding The Magic Beans

The flavour of coffee is affected by many things. Soil, microclimate, altitude, humidity, shade, farming techniques, harvesting and processing all make a difference to the acidity, balance and body of the final coffee. Each continent, region and farm has a different combination of these variables and we have tried and tested many to bring you the coffees we love.


The taste of the beans can only be released through roasting. Each origin responds differently to this process which is why we have a different roast profile for each of our coffees. Our profiles emphasise the intrinsic flavours and acidity of the green beans while adding distinctive roast character and body.


We create blends to our own recipes, carefully combining roasted beans from different origins. We select and pair complimentary characteristics and flavours to create a balanced and distinctive final coffee.


We offer our coffees in three forms.

Wholebean – for home grinding

Ground  – for cafetiere and filter

Espresso –  for espresso machines

Quality Control and Packaging

We follow stringent quality testing, from sample roasting the green beans on arrival to quality checking each batch. We package our coffees in a protective atmosphere. This ensures the quality, freshness and flavour of the coffee in your cup.