We are inspired by the latest trends in coffee culture but not defined by them. After all, we know what makes a delicious cup of coffee.

We are a small company but have big ambitions. Based in the heart of Folkestone’s buzzing Creative Quarter we are nourished by a thriving community. Our dedicated team of local people work to produce exceptional coffee, served in the Coffee House to thousands of people each week.

We do everything we can to lessen our impact on the environment while keeping our products affordable. Our House Blend is Rainforest Alliance certified. As a business, 0% of our waste ends up in landfill and in the Coffee House we only use compostable Vegware cups. Our retail coffee is packaged in compostable bags and if you order from us online you will receive your goods in compostable packaging.

We source our Single Origin coffees from co-operatives that support the communities that produce the beans. Our Single Estate coffees can be traced back to individual farms and growers. But a great cup of coffee depends on many people. To ensure we realise the full potential of each bean we invest in training our enthusiastic team in Kent.

Our professional and highly regulated processes ensure consistency of flavour and quality. We package our coffees in a protective environment which reduces oxidisation and ensures freshness. We source our beans from a variety of co-operatives and single estates and offer a range of certified coffees including Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.