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Kenya Peaberry in Compostable Packaging

Kenya Peaberry in Compostable Packaging


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Full body, juicy with forest fruit and citrus notes



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Buy our speciality peaberry coffee to enjoy notes forest fruits and citrus. This coffee comes from the Rumukia Cooperative Society and Kabare Cooperative Society in Kenya.

What is Peaberry Coffee?

Peaberry coffee beans are prized for their superior flavour. Typically coffee cherries contain two seeds in the centre – what we know as coffee beans! In around 5-10% of coffee cherries, one of these seeds fails to germinate leaving more room for the remaining seed to grow larger and rounder. This is known as a peaberry bean. Our peaberry coffee is sorted from the rest of the crop post harvest using a sieve.

Where does this coffee come from?

Our Kenya peaberry coffee is grown by members of the Rumukia and Kabare Cooperative Societies in the Nyeri, Kenya. It is grown at an altitude of 1400-1600 metres above sea level on the foothills of Mount Kenya. It is harvested from October to February.

Buy our peaberry coffee to experience the effect that this method of coffee bean processing can have on the flavours that appear in the final cup.

This coffee is packed in compostable packaging – just dispose of it in your household compost bin (the one that the council picks up for commercial composting)

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