6.30pm Thursday 23rd November

Have you ever wondered how to turn scribblings at home into a published story? Are you curious about how crime writers find the inspiration for their dark tales of misdeeds and detective work?

If so then join us Thursday 23rd November at 6.30pm to hear crime writer Oliver Tidy talk about his personal journey from amateur writer to professional. The talk promises to be an enlightening and entertaining account of his own experiences of reaching out to thosauands of online readers through digital self publishing and the quest to find a publisher for his series ‘Booker & Cash’.

Since bravely quitting his day job as a teacher and putting his pen to work, Oliver has been a prolific writer producing the following works of fiction:

  • The Romney and Marsh Files – British police procedurals set in Dover, Kent, (seven books).
  • The Acer Sansom novels – international thrillers (four books).
  • Booker & Cash stories – private detective tales set in the south of England (three books).
  • Three Short Blasts is a book of three short stories – one in each of my three series above.
  • Cold Kills – a snowy survival story.
  • The Crime Writer and other stories – a collection of short stories, novelettes and novellas.

Many of the books are set in the small towns dotted along the East Kent coast, so expect to recognise some of the familiar oddities of this part of the world.

Oliver is an open and engaging person with a great story to tell. For anyone who wants to throw caution to the wind and follow their dreams, or just to know what this feels like, this talk is a must!


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