Here at Steep Street, we’re delighted that our all packaging is made from plants, not plastic. We have exclusively used Edinburgh made ‘Vegware’ cups, craft bags and wooden disposable cutlery since we first opened in 2015. Now, we are happy to announce that the café will use 100% compostable packaging on all our take away and eat in orders.

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Our take away cold and hot drink cups

Vegware’s award-winning catering disposables are low carbon and made from renewable materials. They should be disposed of with food waste – if in doubt return your used cups to us and we will ensure that they are composted correctly.

Our bags and boxes

All our our bags and boxes are make from responsibly sourced cardboard. These can be easily recycled in any paper/cardboard waste bins. If in doubt, return any used items to us and we will recycle them along with our own cardboard waste.

Our takeaway cutlery

Our wooden cutlery comes from sustainable forestry. All of our wooden knives, forks, and stirrers are biodegradable. They are produced without the use of additives.

Our straws

We also source our straws from Vegware. They are made from ecovio, a compostable plant-based material with great properties. Like all Vegware’s plant-based packaging, our straws are designed for disposal with food waste and compost within 12 weeks – rest assured, all straws used in the cafe are composted correctly and can be enjoyed guilt free!

We are always happy to refill keep-cups which are an even better way of reducing our environmental impact.

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