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Costa Rica Honey Process Speciality Coffee

Costa Rica Honey Process Speciality Coffee


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Full body, delicate florals, sweet apricot and wildflower honey


Honey Process

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Buy our speciality honey process coffee to enjoy notes of sweet apricot and wildflower honey. This coffee comes from the CoopeTarrazú cooperative in Costa Rica.

What is Honey Process Coffee?

After picking, normal coffee processing removes the fruit pulp from coffee cherries and reveals the seed inside (the coffee bean!). These are washed in water and then dried. In comparison, during honey processing, the cherry fruit is dried on the seed. This not only saves water, a precious commodity in Tarrazu, but also gives the final bean a totally transformed flavour. As the cherry dries, it’s natural sugars and pectin ferment imparting the sweet and complex flavours you will taste in this coffee.

So, no, there is no honey involved in the process – just the natural sugars of the coffee cherry which are usually washed off!

Where does this coffee come from?

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the best regions in the world to produce coffee and Tarrazu in particular is renowned for its high altitude and perfect soil conditions. Coffee cherries develop more slowly and have a richer, deeper flavour when grown at high altitude and in the right soil. We have specially chosen the CoopeTarrazú cooperative because they have over 53 years of experience and work with over 3,000 coffee producers in this incredible region. This coffee, however, is produced directly and ethically by the cooperative on their own farm, created to produce top-end, specialty coffees.

Drying the coffee beans as part of the honey process.

Buy our honey process coffee to experience the effect that this method of coffee bean harvesting and processing can have on the flavours that appear in the final cup.

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